The Difference between PPC (Paid Per Click) Advertising and OSR (Organic Search Results)

Many business owners believe that PPC and OSR / SEO are one and the same. However, this could be further from the truth. There are so many factors that go into PPC that differentiate itself from SEO that it really is appropriate to say that it is apples vs oranges.


PPC is the advertising strategy of paying google for ad placement on the top of google.

For example this:



Every time a legit user clicks on that ad placement, Google will charge the business owner $x.00 amount per click. This can range from anywhere between $.10 per click all the way up to $100.00 or more for exceptionally difficult keywords like home loans, payday loans, bail bonds, and forex trading. Some of the advantages of PPC advertising is that it places an ad immediately at the top of the page for a given keyword whereas an efficient SEO company such as Jack Kim SEO which you can click here for more information. However, a big con is that these clicks add up quite a bit and it is imperative that these clicks result in a high CTR (click through rate) meaning that after they check out the website, they follow through with the CTA (Call to action) such as filling out a form for a quote, or calling the business for more information. Typical CTR is between 5-10%. Using this math, you can utilize google adwords keyword tool to check volume of searches, recommended price per click (although this can WIDELY differ from the actual cost to run the campaign) to figure out how much potential ROI (return on investment) that you can receive on your PPC campaign. Therefore, PPC is most appropriate for businesses that have high-ticket items such as lawyers, dentists, insurers, financing, etc. This is also why they tend to be the most expensive per click which almost seems like a catch-22.


SEO on the other hand, is completely different. Rather than paying Google for ad placement, an SEO agency will begin a marketing campaign and linking strategy that pushes a business website to rank higher for keywords organically.

For example, while there are ad placements on the picture below,


the websites under that are the organic search results. Interestingly, study has shown that most people have subconsciously trained themselves to immediately skip the PPC ad listings and go straight to the organic results. This is due to the fact that people find organically ranked websites to be more authoritative and therefore trustworthy than the advertised websites. In fact, study shows that people are 8.5x more likely to click an organic result than a PPC advertisement. However, SEO and Organic Search result services are not cheap (at least not the good ones … from India *cough* and other foreign places. In fact, there is so much dishonesty and agencies not delivering on results that the whole industry has become distrusted similar to mechanics and used car salesman. A lot of people say they know SEO, but don’t actually do SEO in the first place. Sure they may charge less, but if they’re not getting results, then the cost might as well be a sunk cost to the business. True SEO marketers understand that most results take time, effort, and resources to push a website to the first page and to the top of the pack. Anyone that promises the world and that rankings will hit immediately should be a sign of a red flag. One way to vet SEO agencies is to search for your city + SEO. These are people that actually compete against other SEO agencies to rank organically for the search term, so if you know they place on the first page and –even better- at the top of the first page, then you know they actually do what they say they can do. For example, Jack Kim with jack Kim SEO has been able to rank many of their websites on the top of the page for those keywords, proving competence in the regard.


SEO vs PPC both have their advantages and disadvantages. Either can lead to a successful campaign and positive ROI, but please do your homework and choose a good company or else you will surely be wasting your money.

Enhance Your SEO With Socials, Video, & More


In order to understand the importance of social signals and properties you must understand how they can affect the rank of a website on search engine result pages. Nowadays, Canon City professionals utilize social signals as an important part of off-page SEO of a website. These signals and properties can now help in having visitors clicking the links on your social profile, increasing the recreation of traffic on the social network you are linked with, creating vital user interaction along with creating a social network to add hundreds of profiles from social networks with high authority. You can learn more about how some companies are taking advantage such as Canon City SEO Facebook page that is well known for doing this type of work.

Improvement in ranking of website: Though the social signals and properties like the likes on Facebook pages or followers at Instagram may not affect search engine results directly, they can indirectly affect the ranking of you website. In fact, the engagement of the visitors improved by social signals can be interpreted into better visibility of a citation and more connectivity with outbound links. They can also increase the repetition of the visitors to the site and reduce the bounce rate which collectively can help in improving the organic rank of the website on search engine results.

Synergy of social media: The social media sites you use for marketing should work like the powerful channels for your public relation needs along with synchronising the content of your website according to your target audience to increase its impact to the maximum level. For this reason most SEO professionals use social signals and properties as a fundamental necessity of social sharing for successful SEO of a website.

How Social Signals and properties can improve your Page Rank?

The increasing number of followers on Instagram or Likes on Facebook alone cannot improve your page rank unless they are used along with increased referral traffic and external validation from backlinks. Effective campaigns on social media networks can improve the SEO of your website in following ways:

Increase the sharing of the content: The social media websites can be used as powerful platform to amplify the distribution of the content of your website. A good content of your website can help in increasing connectivity with the people of similar mentality on social networks whom you want to learn about products and services by visiting your website. The social signals from popular social networks like Facebook, Jack Kim SEO Twitter page and LinkedIn etc. can help in improving the distribution of your content and messages depending upon the type and quality of your business and your targeted audiences.

Bring back visitors to good content: You will get the best impact from sharing with the targeted audiences as part of your marketing strategy if the sharing of social signals and properties is good. Some of the marketing experts use social media to share the best content of their client company repeatedly and offer free credit points to the consumers, for this purpose. According to them the use of social media helps in providing constant referral traffic in response to the credit provided by them. So whenever you post the best content on your website along with the social networks and repeat it after few months then it can help in getting referral traffic continuously.

Be prepared for additional advantages: According to various studies on the use of social signals and properties the increase in referral traffic provided by social media sharing cannot be long lasting unless it is used with social signals and SEO properties. According to the experts you should be ready to get additional improvement in traffic by moving the visitors through your sales funnel if you want to increase your sales.


You can find a number of case studies around the web world about increase in traffic by distributing impressive and promising content through social media. Most businesses use social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc. to increase the enormous amount of referral traffic repeatedly to their website within few days.

Though this increase in traffic by using social signals and properties is good for a business it cannot give a permanent boost to your business unless it is used with a clear mindset to keep your audience engaged. The company can use social signals to improve the visibility of your brand in SERP by designing a proper plan to get and sustain steady traffic of targeted audience.